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Marshall's Auto Detailing

Thank you for choosing Marshall's Auto Detailing for all your auto detailing needs. I have a passion for the art of auto detailing. I started my business in the 4th grade in 1998. My dad told me to go outside and wash his truck, and like a good son, I did. He then gave me $20 and with that Marshall's Auto Detailing was created. As I was only 9 years old I would hand wash my neighbors’ cars. I have always enjoyed the look of a clean car. Since then, I have learned how to auto detail, from waxing the car, to headlight restoration, and water spot removal. Marshall's Auto Detailing is fully mobile and equipped to perform all of your auto detailing needs; from a full service wash to a Marshall’s Inside/Outside Complete Full Detail. I want my clients to be 100% satisfied. So if you want a clean car for work or to go out with your friends on the weekend please contact me to schedule an appointment today. To ensure that I can better serve your needs please contact me at least a week in advance to ensure that an appointment is available. Thank you again for visiting my site. Have a great day.


Hand Wash
Cut & Polish
Carpet Cleaning
Engine Detailing
Car Wash, Wax, Cut & Polish, Carpet Cleaning, Engine Detailing, Scratch Removal, Head light restoration, and more
Tire Shine
Headlight Restoration
Wheel Polishing
Scratch Removal

We love Marshall's Auto Detailing!

He took our old car and made it look like new again.. Affordable, professional, and a true expert!

            Thanks, Dean & Martha

                     Madera, CA.

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